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Cardi B Checks Joe Budden Podcast For saying she caught a Lick with her Music Career

T.I. and Cardi B stops by #RapRadarPodcast to discuss new show Rhythm + Flow on Netflix + More w/ @elliottwilson

Joe Budden Podcast: Mal Suggests Cardi B Music Career Will Fade Away

"She caught a lick," said Mal, trying to explain why he feels so strongly about Cardi B. "I'm not mad at it. She's doing a great job but it's only so long that the fans are gonna keep going back for the same shit. We're starting to see a pattern here with females and rap." Mal suggests that Cardi B isn't really "about this rap shit like that" and that her supporters will begin to see through the charade soon. He notes that she has been doing bigger things away from music these days, like her role in Hustlers, and implying that her primary focus is not music.


[FULL INTERVIEW] The Joe Budden Podcast Episode 285 | Positive Perry


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