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Cardi B Claps Back at Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro Following Biden Victory

Following Joe Biden's 2020 election victory, Cardi B has called out Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro after they criticized her for interviewing Biden.

Cardi B Calls Out Ben Shapiro & Candace Owens After Biden 2020 Election Win

Cardi B has been extremely active and no stranger when it comes to politics over the last few years as she has always tried to educate her fans about political candidates and how they can help their communities.

"They said Biden use me as a pawn then weeks later we seen a list of rappers and artists that Trump was trying to reach out to and to pay for support a list that included my name," Cardi added.

Cardi also added, that a lot of right-wingers had belittled and criticized her for conducting the interview and releasing a song as explicit as "WAP." "Republicans like Candace, Shapiro, Fox news made fun of me ,talk so much shit about me and my song 'WAP,'" she continued. Shapiro read out lyrics for the song on one of his shows before, censoring the lyrics to read, "Wet ass p-word." 


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