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Cardi B Has a New Drill Collab Track on the Way

Cardi B's “Shake It” snippet Goes Viral via Twitter.

Teased Video Of CARDI B’S Drill Song With Kay Flock Revealed

The Bronx’s Cardi B, recently embraced the sub-genre with new song.

Cardi B join forces with Dougie B, Bory300, and incarcerated rhymer Kay Flock for the “Shake It” single. A snippet of the song made its way to social media, and many Twitter users praised what they saw from Cardi.

In the clip below shared by New York’s one-minute street show Sidetalk, Cardi is surrounded by Bronx locals on the set of the “Shake It” music video.

“Shout out to the motherfuckin’ Bronx,” Cardi says. “Y’all be playing with the Bronx but let me tell you something: these Bronx n***as right now got all the views beating all y’all n***as on YouTube deadass.”

The full song set to release this Friday (April. 15.), you can check out the full teaser below.


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