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Cardi B returns teases song sampling Missy Elliott’s ‘She’s a B**ch’

The Bronx MC sparks anticipation for her sophomore album with a teaser of new music, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the follow-up to her debut hit 'Invasion of Privacy.'

Is Cardi B Preparing for Her New Album?

Cardi B teases new track via Instagram.

The Bronx rapper took to her Instagram Stories to re-share a fan’s post, in which a snippet of an upcoming song from a Missy Elliott’s sampled ‘She’s a B**ch’.

“I ain’t even got dressed / Any L that I took come after YS / Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man,” Cardi raps on the track.

@cardiallaccess, a fan page on Instagram, who shared the snippet with the caption reading, “After the anonymous tip we believe we may have located Cardi B. Check in tomorrow for a special update,” along with the hashtag #CardiCountdown.

Cardi's teaser come just a week after her estranged husband Offset took to his own Stories to encourage Cardi to drop her new music. In the video, Offset is seen bobbing his head and loving the music with a satisfied stank face on, and since the video had no audio, viewers were left to their imagination in interpreting the caption. “Stop being scary and drop the album” it read, along with “s–t goes crazy [fire emoji],” Offset wrote.


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