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Cardi B’s thrown microphone sells for $99,000 in eBay Auction

After receiving more than 120 bids, the microphone sold for $99,900 via on eBay.

Cardi B's thrown microphone reportedly sells for $99,000 in eBay Auction

Cardi B threw at fan sells for nearly $100k on eBay.

The microphone Cardi B was seen tossing into a crowd during a Las Vegas performance last weekend has officially sold on eBay for nearly $99,000 on Tuesday, Aug 08 08:15 AM.

The mic is being sold by Scott Fisher, the owner of The Wave, the audio company that provided the equipment to Drai's Beachclub in Las Vegas where the incident happened.

The proceeds from the mic are being split evenly between Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the Wounded Warrior Project, seller Scott Fisher wrote on Facebook after listing the microphone on eBay last week.

eBay sale comes a couple weeks after the Bronx rapper pelted the mic at a fan who splashed a cupful of ice water in her face while she was in the middle of performing. The fan had gotten a little overzealous after, earlier in the show, the Grammy winner asked fans to lightly spray her with water to cool her down from the summer heat.

The “famous microphone” originally listed at $500 on eBay, with Fisher previously telling TMZ that the mic — which still works — originally cost $1,000. He added that the money from the sale will go to Wounded Warrior Project and local non-profit Friendship Circle Las Vegas, which helps kids, teens and young adults with special needs.


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