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Cardi B says she doesn’t expect artists to ‘Pick a Side’: “You Could Work With Whoever”

The Bronx rapper wants collaborators who work with her “Ops” not to ‘Pick a Side’

Cardi B shares her Unfiltered thoughts about ‘Haters,’ ‘Fashion,’ and More on The Spout Podcast

Cardi B talks collaborates with other women in the music industry: “You know, it's not really about showing love,” she tells The Spout Podcast. “I just like personally, I'm a female, so I personally am going to like a female rap song. Because as I can relate to, I could bump to, the things that you're saying I'm enjoying and I'm relating to and I like it because I'm a girl.”

In a recent interview with the Spout Podcast which aired on Saturday (September 14), A clip of the interview went viral on Monday (October 9), the “Bodak Yellow” rapper revealed that she doesn’t demand unwavering loyalty from those who wish to collaborate with her — but she does ask for people to keep it real.

“If I like you, and I meet you, and we do a song, I don’t expect you to, like, pick a side or anything,” she said. “You could work with whoever you want to work with. Because at the end of the day, this is a business, and you gotta look out for yourself, always.”

Cardi B continued: “Just don’t shit on me. And don’t show me that you’re a fake bitch. That’ll be breakin’ my heart. And when I see you, I’ma let you know. And when I have to express myself, I’ll express myself.”

See Cardi B’s full interview on the Spout Podcast below:


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