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Casanova & DMX dropped new song “Don’t Play Games”

Casanova unleashes the beast with his new single featuring DMX, Watch here.

Casanova grabs DMX for a hard-hitting duet "Don't Play Games."

Following his VERZUZ battle with Snoop Dogg, DMX brings the energy in his appearance on Casanova's latest track called “Don’t Play Games.” The intense record kicks off with X saying “F*ck what they think, it’s about what we know!” As Casanova fires off an enfilade of fiery lyrics in the first verse, the It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot rapper comes through with an equally hard-hitting chorus.

“Never rat, stay with a strap, X got Yonkers, BK on my back,” Casanova raps in the beginning of the song with DMX’s signature “WHAAAT?!” adlib. X picks up the momentum in the second verse: “Motherf*cker want a problem, I’ma give it back / when sh*t hit the fan goons come out, and we all in / folding n***as up like a lawn chair, aw yeah.” 


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