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Cassidy believes he inspired Lil Wayne to step his ’BARS’ up: “I changed sh*t up”

“Bars Is Back” rap veteran is taking credit for Lil Wayne’s rapping skills: “I shifted the culture”

Cassidy claims he’s responsible for Lil Wayne Improving as A Rapper

Cassidy said he was responsible for Lil Wayne Weezy F. aka Lil Tunechi improving as a rapper.

The Philadelphia emcee labeled himself a “culture shifter” due to his competitive style and battle rap origins.

Weezy proclaimed himself the best rapper alive almost two decades ago, and Cassidy believes he is responsible for him reaching that level.

“I think I inspired Lil Wayne to get the type of Wayne we got now,” the 40-year-old battle rap spitter said. During his Wednesday (April 12) appearance on DJUTV. “I used to love Wayne before I came out and before I got with him. He used to rap different.

Before I came out, a lot of n-ggas used to rap different. “I shifted the culture, I changed shit up when I came out with this style of punching and being competitive and battle rapping on beat. So I made it mandatory where you had to say something, and once I came out with that style, a lot of n-ggas started to change — and so did Wayne.”

Cass continued: “Then you started getting all those Carter projects and he started blacking out and really rapping. He was still a star and had dope ass records, but he wasn’t rapping, he wasn’t piecing up them syllables like that, he wasn’t coming with all these metaphors and similes and trying to punch and say creative shit back to back.

“Wayne definitely one of my favorites … I couldn’t say Wayne is the best when I feel like I’m the best, but he definitely one of my favorites, for sure.”

Check out more from Cassidy on DJUTV below.


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