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Chris Brown possibly to Face Off Against Quavo in Next All-Star Basketball Matchup

Quavo boldly proclaimed he’s the “best Hip Hop basketball player in the world” following his recent All-Star Weekend victory against 2 Chainz and Lil Baby.

Quavo responds after Chris Brown claimed he would've 'Cooked' him in Open Run Basketball Game

Following Quavo and Jack Harlow’s victory over Lil Baby and 2 Chainz in Bleacher Report’s Open Run on Saturday night, (March 6). Breezy took to Instagram where he rained on Quavo’s parade.

Shortly after Quavo and Jack earned the W, Chris Brown weighed in on his Instagram Story, implying the duo didn't want any smoke with him on the basketball court. "They knew who not to ask for on that 2 on 2 basketball," Chris posted. "I wouldve cooked Quavo and Jack! On my soul! Guess they wanted a smoke free zone."

CB with the quick response. "It ain't no next. I'm on now. Set it up lil nigga," he posted. "U know dis work different. Me and @AustinMcBroom vs the Lil Boys."


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