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Chris Brown reveals he's still banned from performing at Award Shows, Including BET Awards

Chris Brown says not even BET Awards won't allowed him to perform at the award show.

Chris Brown Names BET Network as One of The Award Shows That Haven’t Let Him Perform in Years

The Virginia native is celebrating the success of “One of Them Ones” tour with Lil Baby following the release of his tenth studio album. But according to the CB, despite all of his accomplishments, he's still banned from performing at award shows. The “No Guidance” singer took to social media over the weekend to thank his fans for their undying support and revealed that even BET hasn't invited him to take the stage during their award shows.

Via Instagram, Breezy spoke about his current tour on Saturday (Aug. 20.) saying, “You see the people? Every show is packed like this… If it wasn’t for my incredible fans, I would’ve been quit.” He continued saying, “I don’t like the fake celebrity S**T.”

“I don’t like the fake celebrity S**T. Awards show haven’t let me perform in years… yet my shows STILL SELL OUT. Let me be great…” When a fan asked if the BET Awards have reached out to him to perform, CB simply responded, “Nope.” Though award ceremonies haven’t recognized Chris’ ability to still move crowds after more than 15 years in the business, Breezy fans have kept the star’s enthusiasm for performing alive and thriving.


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