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Chris Tucker And Jackie Chan Teases RH4

Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan Once Again Tease Fans With "Rush Hour 4"

Rush Hour 4 Is Close To Coming Together

Rush Hour and Rush Hour 2 are classic movies. Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan became the dynamic duo, an American with fast lips and a Chinese man with fast hands. The third movie in the series fell short of expectations though. The humor was lackluster, the action was somewhat boring, and the plot was convoluted. Still, fans are hoping for one more outing. Maybe they want to erase the memory of Rush Hour 3, or possibly they are still chasing the ghosts of Rush Hour 1 and 2. Whatever their reasons may be, the fanbase for the action/comedy series are ready for another flick, and Tucker seems to be willing to deliver. 

Of course, both Tucker and Chan have expressed their willingness to film another sequel, but the developments aren't progressing as planned. Still, it does not look like the two actors have given up hope. Today (April 7), is Chan's 65th birthday, and Tucker took to social media to praise his longtime friend. He posted a few pictures of the two together, and one has gotten the internet's attention. Tucker shared a picture of himself and Chan holding up four fingers together, once again teasing the arrival of the fourth Rush Hour. Will it even get made though? That is the million dollar question. 


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