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Chris Tucker Tells a Story He Almost Fought LeBron James In Church

How are you going to start a fight at church?

When LeBron James first got to Los Angeles, he took a visit to a church service with Magic Johnson. Coincidentally, one of the attendees at the church is none other than actor Chris Tucker. In a new video posted by ESPN, Tucker recounted a hilarious story about how James and Johnson sat in the front row and blocked Chris' view which almost led to a full-on fight.

"Get out the way. I can't see nothing, LeBron. And I try to look around him, Magic Johnson's on the other side. I can't see over him neither," Tucker says in the video. "And I'm like, 'y'all know y'all tall why y'all sitting up in the front seat? And me and LeBron almost got into a fight."

WATCH LeBron James' height poses a challenge for Chris Tucker at church | E:60


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