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Comedian Lil Duval says DaBaby is the Ludacris of this generation shares similarities music videos

Lil Duval claims DaBaby is the Ludacris of this generation.

Lil Duval Compared Ludacris To DaBaby And Fans Reacts

Catch reactions to Lil Duval’s comparison below.

On Thursday, (June 24) comedian Lil Duval suggested that DaBaby is “this generation[‘s] Ludacris,” and people were quick to express how they felt about the comparison.

After he claimed that DaBaby is this generation’s Ludacris. The comedian iimmediately followed with comparisons between the two rappers’ often comedic music videos, and showed how Luda’s creativity has inspired a new league of rappers, perhaps in particular the Charlotte, North Carolina native.

To back up his claim, Duval tweeted:

Online users had mixed reactions. Some agreed but had different views and some critics didn’t agree at all. Take a look at what people had to say:


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