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Comedians are already using Will Smith's Oscar slap as jokes during their Stand-Up Show and More

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Nearly two weeks after the Will Smith-Chris Rock incident, comedians are still upset and jokingly, but mostly shocked by what they saw — and wondering what it could mean for them.

Comedians like Cedric The Entertainer, D. L. Hughley, Mike Epps among others react to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock

Among the many are Gary Owen, Cedric The Entertainer, Mike Epps, Lavell Crawford and also Rock's brother Tony Rock, who opened up about the Will Smith slapped at the Oscars.

“If you think you gonna to walk up on this stage, this ain’t the motherfucking Oscars,” Tony said while on stage, And if you walk your ass up here, you ain’t nominated for shit but these motherfucking hands! Oh, we going to pop the rest of the year, n***a. Every time you see me do a show, pop!”

Will Smith has decided to resign from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences following his Oscars controversy ─ sources close to Jada Pinkett Smith have shared that the actress reportedly isn't angry with her husband, and they're in agreement that he overreacted. “It was in the heat of the moment and it was him overreacting. He knows that, she knows that. They’re in agreement that he overreacted”

Below, you can watch comedian reactions and stand-up shows to the Will-Rock slapped.


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