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Cyntoia Brown Opens up about her Fight for Freedom since her Prison Release w/ Breakfast Club

Cyntoia Brown-Long feels really blessed to have an opportunity at freedom and is opening up about her life in a memoir called “Free Cyntoia.”

Cyntoia Brown Talks Life In Prison, Release, and Faith

Cyntoia visited the Breakfast Club, where she broke down the hardest parts of her life to her current status of strength. And there's nothing stronger than sharing her story with the public through her book, Free Cyntoia. Readers will dive straight into her story of living through sex trafficking, drug addiction and, eventually, murder. Though it's a draining story for the 31-year-old to relive interview-after-interview, it's a responsibility she's "called to do."

"It's a lot, but there's a purpose in it. I just continue to remind myself. Sometimes it's uncomfortable, but I'd rather help someone through what I have to say than hold it back because it feels uncomfortable."


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