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D. L. Hughley Comes to Kanye West's Defense over Pete Davidson neck tattoo of Kanye kids’ initials

D.L. Hughley says Pete Davidson’s of tattoo of Kanye kids’ initials is ‘antagonizing’ Ye.

D.L. Hughley says Pete Davidson is out of line for Kanye, Kardashian kids tattoo

D.L. Hughley blasted Pete Davidson for appearing to get the initials of Kim Kardashian’s kids’ names tattooed on his neck.

D.L. Hughley shared his thoughts on SNL comedian, telling TMZ on Tuesday despite his feud with Kanye. He stated while he was “very vocal” about Ye in the past, that doesn’t make a tattoo of another man’s children OK.

“It’s his body, it’s his woman, those are Kanye’s kids,” Hughley said. “That would piss me off. If you put my kids—and I got my kids tattooed on me—but if you did that…look, look, they’ll always be mine. I don’t know what happened with that situation, but they’ll always be my children. And now, to me, the father’s alive, he’s a good father, he’s taking care of his kids, I don’t understand what that is all about. It’s none of my business but if you tattooed my kids on your neck, I’d have something to say about it.”

Hughley elaborated that when you “do things like that, it’s trouble for you.”

“Nobody’s telling you [that] you can’t live your life,” he said. “That’s your woman, you’re having a good time. But you’re putting that man’s kids on your neck, that’s antagonizing. That’s out of pocket to me.”


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