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DaBaby believes festivals are now cancelling him for clout and to increase ticket sales

DaBaby agrees with rapper Bandman Kevo saying festivals are removing the Charlotte superstar as a marketing strategy to increase ticket sales.

‘Rockstar” Rapper feels like festivals are now removing him from their lineup to increase ticket sales

The rapper has now been dropped from six festivals—Austin City Limits, iHeartRadio, Midtown Music, Governors Ball, Day N Vegas, and Lollapalooza following his controversial remarks he made at Rolling Loud Miami.

None of the festivals expressly stated that his comments are the reason behind his removal.

While DaBaby has endured all of these festivals dropping him, he has had support. Bandman Kevo spoke out, in support of the Charlotte rapper, accusing festivals of only dropping him for the publicity, and to save money by not having to pay him. This is something that the popular rapper agreed with.

"These festivals are following the trend of removing dababy to go viral, Rapper said.— "To get more attention for ticket sales , free marketing on a bigger level."

@Akademiks Instagram posted DaBaby's responds agreeing with Bandman Kevo. "This nigga know sumn 😂", DaBaby wrote.

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