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DaBaby Drops New Video “Peep Hole” Off The Latest 'Blame It on Baby' deluxe

Listen DaBaby's Latest Song “Peep Hole” here.

DaBaby Comes With A New Flow In New Single "Peep Hole"

North Carolina-native released first new song from the upcoming deluxe version his No. 1-selling Blame It On Baby album is “Peephole.”

Blame It on Baby Deluxe, set to release tomorrow, August 4 featuring 10 brand new tracks. Today he drops off the first of the new batch with “Peep Hole” complete with a music video treatment from directors Spicy and James Rico.

“Peephole,” a sober look at the downsides of fame. DaBaby shared the video for the new song today to hype up the impending release later this week. It’s once again directed by his Reel Goats family.

Listen to "PEEP HOLE" above and stay tuned for the deluxe edition of Blame It On Baby, which drops tonight.


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