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DaBaby is reportedly being sued for allegedly assaulting property owner

DaBoxer legal issues continue.

Rapper DaBaby attacked rental property owner who tried to shut down unauthorized music video shoot: lawsuit

Variety reports, The owner of a California rental home filed a lawsuit Monday accusing Charlotte, N.C. native of attacking him and stealing his phone after the man tried to shut down an unauthorized music video shoot in December.

Claims that DaBaby rented the home under the condition that he would only have 12 people on site to keep in line with COVID-19 regulations. Yet when he brought 40 people to the home to shoot a video, he violated the lease agreement. The lease also claims that the property can’t be used for commercial purposes.

Kirk, 29, later fled the scene with his guests, leaving the victim without a tooth and covered in blood, according to the complaint.

Pagar also accuses the “Rockstar” rapper and his crew of destroying a surveillance camera and stealing his cellphone and “valuable kitchenware.”

The lawsuit, which names Kirk and his manager, seeks compensation for damage left at the house as well as an unpaid portion of the rental bill.

“Mr. Kirk appears to think he’s a real tough guy,” the lawsuit reportedly states. “Mr. Kirk is wrong.”

Kirk is no stranger to legal troubles. He’s also being sued for a December 2019 altercation at a Beverly Hills hotel. The plaintiff in that case says Kirk pushed and assaulted him after he snapped a picture of him, an attack that was caught on video.


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