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Dame Dash says there was never beef with Jay-Z, Thanks Hov for his Rock & Roll Hall of Fame speech

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

Dame Dash thanks Jay-Z and hopes that he and Hov can finally move past their feud─well despite their lawsuit it's [No beef] between the two.

Dame Dash Says He Has 'No Beef' With Jay-Z: “It was always a business thing for Jay”

In the latest episode of Showtime's All the Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, the hip hop mogul and former Roc-A-Fella Records boss has once again opened up about Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter.

“Jay has shouted you out in speech in his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame thank you,” Matt said. “After all you guys have been through years later.... How did that make you feel?!”

“It's cool it was good for the culture... I was happy for the culture, I was happy about how, how happy it made so many people,” Dame Dash responds.

Again Matt said, “How did it make you feel?!”

“It made me happy that everyone was so happy because I'm usually worried about my culture,”

Dame Dash continued, “Cause number one Jay and I never had beef..... It just got made up or maybe it was just leverage certain things it could happen.... “And I was always confuse about that I be like why they keep saying we beefing but I guess it was a move [a chess move]”

Watch the clip and the full episode via on SHOWTIME basketball below.

Hov sued Dame in June 2021 after the former Roc executive tried to sell his ownership stake in Reasonable Doubt as an NFT without proper permission. A district judge put an end to the NFT sale attempt by Dame Dash last year when the courts blocked the transaction.

“[Both sides are] in the process of meeting and conferring to determine whether they can reach a settlement agreement that would resolve this case,” the docs reportedly read based on Jay's lawyer Spiro’s testimony.

Recently, the Harlem-bred mogul took to Instagram denies claims and set the record straight on his dispute with Hov, who is suing him over an alleged NFT auction of his 1996 debut album.

“Please don’t believe this hype we are no where near a settlement,” he wrote. “They accused me of doing something i did not do and now they have to prove it…and i can sell my share anytime I want #askthejudge and #jayz and @biggsburke if you wanna settle this holla at me…we use to hustle together…court is corny…let’s talk like men for the culture…I dare y’all to respond #doitfortheculture.”


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