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Damon Dash is Suing “eOne and WeTv” Exposes Both Companies of being Racist & Causes Family Friction

WeTV, eOne To be Racist TV Dame Dash says...

Damon At it Again with more Lawsuits.

Dame Dash had filied a Lawsuit against WeTV and eOne apparently his Daughter Ava and Son Boogie aren't on speaking terms with him. Dame has filed a lawsuit accusing them of making his son, Boogie film his issue with drinking in order to get higher ratings for the reality tv show “Growing Up Hip Hop”. Dame made it clear reality television show’s like WeTv, eOne ruining black culture emphasis on manufacturing drama towards his people.

Damon Dash posted in caption: "Why do we have to go through gatekeepers of another culture to tell our story? We can tell our own"

“E1 and WeTv are disrespecting our culture on so many levels and I’m just not having it.”


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