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Dave Chappelle attacker sentence 270-Day Jail after pleading No Contest

Lee was sentenced to 270 days in county jail, the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office confirmed.

Dave Chappelle Hollywood Bowl Attacker Pleads No Contest, Sentenced to Jail

Hollywood Bowl attacker hit with prison sentence.

The man charged with attacking the legendary comedian onstage at the Hollywood Bowl last May pleaded no contest — 24-year-old, Isaiah Lee, the man charged attacking Dave Chappelle mid-performance earlier this year, has received a 270-day sentence.

On Wednesday (December 15), a report from Deadline, Isaiah Lee pleaded no contest and will spend 270 days in county jail in connection with rushing the stage at the Hollywood Bowl in May and attacking the comedian.

Back in May, Chappelle were attacked during the “Netflix Is A Joke” festival in Los Angeles. The Half Baked comedian was in the midst of a stand-up routine when an individual rushed the stage and attacked him. Footage captured by audience members shows security apprehending the suspect before seemingly roughing him up. Subsequent photos of the attacker, who was later identified as Lee, show him being transported on a stretcher with visible injuries.

In October, a judge rejected the defense’s request for a diversion program that could have eventually resulted in the dismissal of charges against Lee, who remains in custody and faces an unrelated attempted murder charge for the alleged stabbing of his roommate at a transitional housing complex back in Dec.



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