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Deion Sanders aka ‘Coach Prime’ invited IG Model to speak with Jackson State about Gold-Diggers

Deion Sanders aka ‘Coach Prime’ had Brittany Renner give advice to his Jackson State players.

‘Coach Prime’ Flew Out Instagram Model Ambassador & Book Author Brittany Renner To Teach Players A Lesson About Dangers of Flirty DMs

Deion Sanders hosted model Brittany Renner for a speech to his Jackson State football players advising them not to avoid transactional relationships.

The meeting took place in October, with video released by Sanders and Renner posted on social media platforms.

“It’s my responsibility as a coach to prepare my young men for any and everything on the field and off,” wrote Sanders alongside a video of the meeting on Instagram. “I brought in Brittany Renner to educate them on how the game is played between man & woman at their age & stage. The message may not be for everybody but trust me it’s for somebody.”

In the Four-minute video above, Sanders introduced Renner to his team for them to respond with laughs and clapping. “So when you reach a certain status, you can have the pick of the litter,” said Renner, who was there to warn the team about the dangers of flirty DMs, and the responsibility that comes with being a public figure if these players make it to the NFL. “The world is your oyster, you can do whatever you want. … You get to skip the line, you get privilege. People just wanna be next to you, they don’t even see you as human anymore.”

Then Renner, introduced to thunderous applause, told the team that her DMs are “like a Nike store” in that they’re full of famous people with blue checkmarks like rappers and athletes.

“It’s a give-and-take but you have to be aware of what you’re signing up for,” she said. “You’re trying to make it to the NFL. You do understand there’s a lot that comes with that, right? To be able to decipher who really loves you for you, I think that’s the billion dollar question we’re all wanting to know.


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