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Deion Sanders believes rapper Mo3 was set up by A Woman & speaks on King Von's death

Mo3 May Have Been Set Up By A Woman.

'Prime Time' Deion Sanders speaks out following King Von and Mo3 deaths, BLM and More!

Mo3, who recently collaborated on a full-length project with Boosie Badazz, was one of Dallas' leading voices in rap, breaking himself as an artist to the point where he was able to financially provide for his family. On Wednesday (November 11), Mo3 was in his car on the way to a movie shoot that he was a part of, getting stuck in a traffic jam. He was on I-35 when somebody ran to his car on foot and started chasing him. Mo3 reportedly exited his vehicle and ran in the opposite direction, but the man opened fire, shooting and killing the rising star.

On Saturday, (November 14) Deion Sanders took to IG live to express his hurt, frustrations & grief following the two deaths from the Hip-Hop community, King Von and Mo3.

Update: The Dallas native reportedly was followed, shot, and killed after visiting a female companion's home in his hometown of Dallas

According to TMZ, Mo3 left the woman's home Wednesday morning in his car.  He immediately noticed he was being followed.  He jumped on I-35 to try to shake the vehicle.  In doing so, he crashed into a barrier.  

Dallas, TX authorities have yet to release any information about a possible suspect.  Mo3 was Boosie Badazz's artist, and Boosie was shot in the leg Saturday, (November 14) while in town for Mo3's memorial services.


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