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Deion Sanders: Coach Prime to replace Colorado Football theme song for Mystikal’s “Here I Go”

Deion Sanders aka Coach Prime wants a new theme song for his football team, replacing “Here I Go” by New Orleans hip-hop artist Mystikal.

Deion Sanders wants CU Band to adopt HBCU Sound & Style

Coach Prime meets with Colorado Band to prepare a new theme-song.

Prime-time, now the coach at Colorado, a lot of change at the University of Colorado. Not only is he overhauling the football program, he is making his mark on the marching band. He recently met with the Buffaloes' band director and dance team coach in hopes of getting them on the same page.

Coach Prime was suggesting Colorado imitate some of the swag and culture often seen at HBCUs such as Jackson State during and after games.

“At HBCUs, it’s kind of traditional that the bands kind of coincides,” Sanders said in a YouTube video posted by Well Off Media. “I know it’s a difference, but it don’t have to be. We like one big happy family.”

“We’re probably gonna have a new theme song," Sanders said, "that I want you guys to get and it’s not hard. And I think you can knock it out of the park.”

“It’ll take it to a whole new level when the band is able to execute it," Sanders said. "That’s going to be good. Really, really good.”


After Coach Prime' meet-up with Colorado band, fans criticized him.

Here's what some fans had to say!


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