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Denzel Washington reveals his crying methods in movies: “My Wife Slaps The Taste Out Of My Mouth”

“I'm known for single teardrop in movies,” Washington said.

Denzel explained how he pulled off crying scenes: My wife stands off camera and she “Slaps The Taste Out Of My Mouth Right On Action”

The two-time acting Oscar winner shared his secret on-screen crying.

In a new interview with Variety, Denzel Washington plays a quick answer game─revealed his favorite movies, preferred Magnificent Seven over Training Day.

Later, round the 3:00 mark, the Hollywood star was noted for being known to cry in movies. As Washington demonstrated his wife techniques getting him to cry during filming. “They say rolling and she starts winding up,” speed camera and I lift my chin up like that and action [POW].

Washington added. “She slaps me I tear!”


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