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Diddy's Former Bad Boy “Whoa!” Rapper “Black Rob” passes away after ‘battling kidney failure

Another sad day for the hip-hop community.

BLACK Rob has died at age 51-year-old on Saturday (April 17) after battling kidney failure and homelessness just a week after paying tribute to DMX, his friends have confirmed.

"Rest In Peace to one of Bad Boy’s finest, storyteller supreme, Black Rob"

The rapper’s death was confirmed by several of his friends and former collaborators including rapper Mark Curry, who revealed Rob had passed away in a video on social media, and singer-songwriter and producer Mario Winans.

Concern for Rob started picking up steam following a recent Instagram video, in which the "Woah" rapper admitted just how bad things had gotten: “Oh man, I’ve been dealing with this for five years. Four strokes … I don’t know what to tell you man. Shit is crazy. This shit is hard. I don’t got no house to live in — except maybe an apartment. Me and my man be trying to get together. I’m telling you man, this shit is strange."

Remembered his 2000 hit “Whoa!”

“This hit my heart……. we will NEVER forget you brother!” Mario Winans wrote on Instagram Saturday April 17 “RIP BLACK ROB!”

Mark Curry, one of Rob’s collaborators on Bad Boy in the early 2000s, shared a tearful video confirming his passing.

“I wanna thank everybody for the donations … Rob passed away. Bout an hour ago.” he said. “I need for his daughter, Iona Ross, little Robert Ross, y’all get in touch with me, please.”

Mark Curry—rapper and collaborator of Rob and Diddy’s—also shared the news. “I don’t know where to begin this, but I thank everybody for the donations,” Curry said in a video between tears. “Rob passed away about an hour ago.” He then asked Rob’s children to get in touch with him.

Donate for Black Rob: Mike Zombie launched a GoFundMe on Saturday (April 10)


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