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DJ allegedly gets punched in the face after refusing to play Future song “Wait 4 U” at a wedding

DJ reportedly punched in the face by drunk guest at a wedding in Washington, DC.

Local DJ Socked in The Face for REFUSING To Play Future “Wait 4 U”

Drunk guest destroys a DC-native Dj MacBook Pro during a wedding reception after his song request got denied.

According to the local DJ “Nate Geezie” the guy who told him to play “Wait 4 U” by Future apparently it “wasn't listed as the request” for the celebration the man then returned angrily damaged his laptop.

On Sunday (June 12), @djharveydent speaking about his friend getting punched while DJing. “Meanwhile my homie was DJing a wedding and got hit in the face and his laptop broken because he didn't play Future. A wedding,” He tweeted.

DJ Nate Geezie himself recounting the incident this past Sunday, he showed off his cracked screen laptop. Geezie wrote on twitter saying that he plans to file charges. “Haven't filed charges yet. But that's looking like the move for this afternoon”

Check out Dj Nate Geezie's tweets below.


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