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DJ Khaled faces backlash after purchasing multiple “mega millions” lottery tickets

DJ Khaled & The CEO of Quality Control, Pierre 'Pee' Thomas, buys a ton of lottery tickets for $1B Mega Millions Jackpot: “How the hell y’all mad at someone for trying to hit the mega million for a billion?”

Two Hip Hop Moguls Is Trying to Hit the $1.28 Billion Mega Millions Jackpot

Everyone wants a piece of the billion-dollar Mega Millions pie. But only one will win.

DJ Khaled and QC may be multi-millionaires with a reported (Khaled $75 million net worth) & (Pierre Thomas $50 million net worth) but that isn’t stopping the two Hip-hop moguls from playing the lottery.

The “GOD DID” producer took to Instagram on Thursday (July 28) to share a video of himself holding a ton of tickets for the upcoming Mega Millions lottery, which has an estimated grand prize of $1.02 billion. No winning tickets were sold for Tuesday’s (July 26) drawing with a $830 million jackpot, so the prize money is rolling over to Friday (July 29).

“I hope you played ’cause I played,” DJ Khaled said. “It’s a billion dollars, I’ma at least try. Mega Millions, you see what’s going on. I ain’t playing with this. I hope you played ’cause I did. They ain’t believe in us, God did.”

He wrote in the caption, “I got mine did you get yours are you focused I AM! #GODDID !”

Quality Control Music co-founder Pierre “P” Thomas also entered the lottery and took to Twitter to respond to those who had a problem with him buying a bunch of tickets.

“How the hell y’all mad at someone for trying to hit the mega million for a billion?” he wrote. “If y’all don’t get the fuck on with that shit. Ain’t nobody trying to be working every day like this.”

See Twitter reactions aimed at QC and Khaled for purchasing mega millions lottery tickets.


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