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DJ Khaled samples OutKast "Ms. Jackson" new joint SZA 'Just Us'

The Father of Asahd track features a sample of OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson”


The song samples OutKast’s Stankonia classic “Ms. Jackson,” while the epic video draws inspiration from Game of Thrones. SZA and Khaled go to battle as gladiators in the action-packed clip, directed by Joseph Kahn. In her triumphant scenes, SZA the warrior princess slays her opponents with a sword before taking the throne. Wearing a crown, Khaled fight off his rivals one by one.

“It’s just us against the world / In this life of sin / Ain’t nobody gonna take us out / It’s always us, it’s never them,” sings SZA as she and Khaled ward off an army of enemies.

In the end, they emerge victorious and receive a hero’s celebration as they ride gold elephants through their kingdom.

In addition to “Just Us,” Khaled plans to drop three more visuals for “Celebrate,” “Jealous,” and “Holy Mountain” later today.

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