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DMX Will Star in New Upcoming Action-Packed Film “Doggmen”

DMX to Play Character Name "Cowboy" in New Action Movie “Doggmen.”

DMX hit the set of the upcoming Doggmen

Urban Art House Films Shares New Movie "Doggmen" Is In The Works,

“X” is indeed a man of many talents, easily vacillating between seasoned rap veteran and captivating thespian to anointed minister in recent times. While he's been busy finishing his long-awaited album. He'll also be returning to the big screen in a Antonio Simmons directed film, Doggmen. There isn't an actual release date for the film, but the green light is definitely on.

Director, Writer Antonio Simmons Doggmen -- starring Tara Reid, DMX, Jeremy Meeks, Chris 'C.T.' Tamburello, Eric B., Sean Blakemore, Chris Jai Alex, Harold House Moore, Lee Charles, David Josh Lawrence, Sergio Delavicci, Danny Kilpatrick, Shelley Jane, Courtney Chen, and Johnny Hickey.

You can watch 'X' seen below in a 18 seconds teaser.

We'll keep you posted with updates on Doggmen release date.


X's most recent action-packed film was "Fast and Fierce: Death Race" about an illegal car race between Mexico and California and a young man who helps a gangsters girlfriend escape it all.


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