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Donda Sports: Kanye West, Antonio Brown seriously wants to buy Denver Broncos

Antonio Brown, Kanye West's 'extremely serious' wants to buy the Broncos via Donda Sports.

REPORT: Antonio Brown says He & Kanye West are 'Absolutely Serious' about buying Denver Broncos

Kanye West's brought on AB as the president of Donda Sports brand, and the two have a lofty goal in mind — they want to buy the Denver Broncos.

Brown said last month that he wanted to purchase the Broncos, AB tweeted out saying ”Donda Sports want to buy the @Broncos who with me !”

Free-agent wide receiver Antonio Brown reportedly on Tuesday (March 8), that he and musician Kanye West want to buy the Denver Broncos.

Brown told TMZ Sports that he and West are "extremely serious" about making a play for the Broncos before adding: "Tell [NFL commissioner] Roger [Goodell] to call me. We're working on it ... We're working towards getting it done."

The Broncos were officially put up for sale last month by the Bowlen family. Longtime owner Pat Bowlen died in 2019. The Broncos are expected to sell for somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 billion.

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