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Drake and Lil Wayne reportedly have discussed another joint tour

Lil Wayne's manager, Cortez Bryant, being interviewed by journalist Brian "B.Dot" Miller for his Art of Facts series, in which Bryant confirms what fans had been wishing for: Lil Wayne and Drake have been in talks to bring another joint tour to life.

Drake and Lil Wayne Have Talked About Doing Another Joint

Drizzy and Tunechi have reportedly been discussing plans for another joint tour. In 2014, the rappers held the ‘Drake vs Lil Wayne Tour’, which hit US arenas across the summer.

Drake’s former manager, Cortez Bryant, remembered the 2014 tour, as well as revealing that plans for a second run have been discussed.

“It was a fun tour. We had fun every night. It was at a time when Drake had arrived as an artist. From seeing him from the inception as a superstar himself and mentor and mentee just going on the stage, having fun, talking a little shit during the whole time … And they talked about [doing a second tour]. I think we do need to do it again.”

Watch the full interview below. Cortez Bryant talks about the possibility of a joint tour at the 15:00 minute mark.


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