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Drake debuts New Hairstyle, Immediately gets Roasted on Twitter

Updated: Aug 21, 2023

Drizzy rocks his new Airfro clipped down on both sides and gets ethered on Twitter.

Social Media roasted Drake for debuting a parting Airfro

Twitter already losing it over Drake’s new hairstyle.

Drizzy Drake shared a playful new hairstyle on social media on Thursday (Aug. 17), that drew comparisons to cartoon characters.

The Canadian singer posted photos on his Instagram Stories showing his hair partitioned into side buns with bright bubblegum pink hair clips.


The new look was compared to a Disney character and Boondocks in a post on Twitter X. “Why is Drake rocking the Minnie Mouse [crying face emoji],” one Twitter user asked, while another wrote: “Drake said fuck it ima be Minnie Mouse today.”

In a new picture with Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant, via Through The Lens.

“Drake to Barber: let me get the Minnie Mouse[.] Barber: Say no more,” someone else joked.

Check out some of the reactions below:

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