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Drake receives Key to the City From Commissioner Mickell Lowery — Shelby County in Memphis

The Toronto native receives key to the City of Memphis.

Drake has received a key to the city of Memphis

Drizzy Drake reportedly receives Key to City of Memphis.

The Canadian rapper, was given the key by chairman Mickell Lowery where Memphis is located in Tennessee.

The city’s Chairman and Mayor, Mickell Lowry, presented Graham with the key, declaring, “We love our own. Memphis music touches the world. You got a lot of Memphis blood in you, and you’re definitely touching the world.” He then thanked the Toronto artist for “putting Memphis all in your music on the map,” adding, “This one should be close to your heart because it’s from 901.”

In the clip that surfaced on social media of the meeting. Reactions were flooded by others saying that the Toronto rapper doesn’t even deserve the honor despite how some of his extensive catalog represents the city’s impactful musical history.


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