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Drake removes his "Taylor Made Freestyle" from social platforms following the threat of a lawsuit from Tupac Shakur's estate

The Canadian superstar removes ‘Taylor Made Freestyle’ after Tupac Shakur’s estate threatens legal action.

Drizzy Takes Down Kendrick Lamar Diss After Legal Threat From 2Pac Estate.

Drake has officially removed “Taylor Made Freestyle” from Instagram following the threat of a lawsuit from Tupac Shakur's estate.

The diss track featured AI vocals from 2Pac and Snoop Dogg. It was taken down shortly after 2Pac’s estate threatened to sue the OVO boss for unapproved likeness.

On Thursday (April 25), Drake's new Kendrick Lamar diss song was scrubbed from the Canadian rap star's Instagram page. The song, which finds Drake using A.I. to rap as the voices of Tupac and Snoop Dogg to taunt K-Dot, was originally posted on April 20, and has received mixed reviews because of Drizzy bringing artificial intelligence into a rap battle. Snoop Dogg seemed unbothered by Drake using his likeness. However, ’Pac's family was not here for it.

The letter also noted Lamar’s longstanding affinity with the late rapper, calling Lamar “a good friend to the Estate who has given nothing but respect to Tupac and his legacy publicly and privately.” In “Taylor Made Freestyle,” Drake had portrayed 2Pac egging on Lamar to respond to his diss. “Kendrick, we need ya, the West Coast savior/Engraving your name in some hip-hop history,” the voice raps. “Fuck this Canadian light-skin, Dot/We need a no-debated West Coast victory, man.”

In his own verse in the track, Drake draws Taylor Swift into the back-and-forth. “But now we gotta wait a fucking week ’cause Taylor Swift is your new Top,” he raps, referring to the head of Lamar’s former label, Top Dawg Entertainment. “And if you ’bout to drop, she gotta approve.”


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