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Drake, Tyga, Timbaland & more joins Tory Lanez Halloween Special Quarantine Radio on Burner Accounts

Akademiks reacts to Tory Lanez "Quarantine Radio" Halloween Special.

Tyga, 6ix9ine, Drake, Timbaland and more Appears to have a Burner Account On Instagram

For those unfamiliar with Twitter, Instagram lingo, a burner account is an account under a fake name used by people to promote an idea, disguise or defend themselves on the popular social media network. 

"Akademiks on Twitch' every celebrity is watching not from your main account though."

He added: That n*gga just told on Drake mad quick Drake in the buiding.

Yo! he mentioned Timbaland, Timbaland in the building. Tory said

You can watch Ak's twitch below.


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