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E-40 believes 2Pac would've been a Billionaire if he was still Alive because he was very Intelligent

“Tupac would be a billionaire if he was still alive” — E-40

E-40: “Tupac had all the visions and was ahead of his time.”

The Bay Area legend shared his fondest memories of Tupac Shakur in a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay Podcast.

E-40 tells Shannon that he thinks Tupac would be a billionaire today. “Tupac would be a billionaire right now. He was very intelligent and he wanted to learn. His mind was so deep.” 40 later reacts to people calling him the West Coast Biggie. “Even though I’m from the West Coast, they used to call me the West Coast Biggie. We both wore Kangols, that was the look, we wore the same clothes.”

Watch the full interview below here.


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