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Elon Musk & Ice Cube trade shots over Joke Memes, Cube seemingly took it personal

The California legend claps back at Elon Musk’s after the Twitter ‘X’ CEO shared meme about Ice Cube.

‘Feel Stupid Yet?’: Ice Cube hits Elon Musk’s with Twitter Meme diss “literally”

Ice Cube clapped back at the head of X, with the old Twitter logo and a photo of an actual dumpster fire

On Thursday (September 14), Elon Musk’s randomly hopped on Twitter ‘X’ to post a meme mocking rapper, actor and Big3 founder Ice Cube fired back with his own meme taking a direct shot at Musk, slamming the widely perceived decline of Twitter since the billionaire’s purchase of the company.

Musk’s meme captioned, “Remember Ice Cube? This is him now, feel old yet?” The image shows a photo of Ice Cube on the left and… a glass of water on the right.

Ice Cube wasted no time in responding to Musk's playful jab.

Cube responded by criticising the rebrand X, formerly known as Twitter, control of his social media platform. “Remember Twitter? This it now, feel stupid yet?” Cube wrote. Alongside a photo of the platform’s former bird logo and a dumpster fire.

Musk appeared to share the meme after another user – @greg16676935420 – replied to one of the billionaire’s posts with the image.

“I posted this innocent meme under one of Elon’s posts and now I accidentally started beef between @elonmusk and @icecube,” they wrote after Cube’s diss.

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