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Eminem blown away by New Lil Wayne Bar on Tyga’s ‘Brand New’: “F—K why didn't I think of that????”

Tyga, YG are back with a “Brand New” single and Eminem blown away by Weezy’s lyrical abilities.

Tyga, YG & Lil Wayne teamed up on New Song ‘Brand New’: Listen

Eminem is baffled by a particular line in the new Tyga track titled “Brand New” featuring YG and Lil Wayne.

Ahead of Tyga and YG’s “Hit Me When U Leave The Klub”: The Playlist released on Friday (September 29), Tyga and YG join forces with Lil Wayne in the project’s latest music video.

The accompanying clip for “Brand New” comes courtesy of Jack Bridgland and begins with a sultry cameo from Saweetie. The rest of the video is filled with shots of the rappers in a warehouse, exotic dancers in a red-tinted room, and more.

Check out “Brand New” above.


On Thursday (September 28), Eminem hopped on Twitter, to share a “Brand New” review on Lil Wayne’s verse.

“Bro Wayne just said “got a bunch of zeros like a bag of new funyuns!!” F*CK why didn’t I think of that????" Em wrote.

Tyga reacted to Eminem tweet about Lil Wayne, he simply responded, with [two goat emojis] “🐐&🐐”


Eminem have been mutually admiring each other for years. Here's what Lil Wayne said about Eminem in a recent The New York Times marking the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.

“I was scared, actually, when I called Eminem for a song," said Wayne, who first appeared on a track with Em on Drake's 2009 song “Forever.” They later teamed up the following year for “Drop the World” on Weezy's Rebirth, and "No Love" from Em's Recovery.

“That is a monster. He must have the same thing I have with words,” he continued. “Like, we can’t get them out of our heads. Every meaning, every aspect of them. Things that rhyme, we hear it. I already know the gift and the curse that he has. And I love to hear the way he puts it together.”


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