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Eminem is calling all Stans for his upcoming documentary

The Detroit rap legend seeking stans for upcoming documentary.

Eminem Is Co-Producing a Documentary About Him and His Stans

Eminem will be co-producing a documentary tentatively titled Stans that focuses on the phenomenon of die-hard, rabid fans.

According to The Detroit News, reported on Wednesday (April 10) that Eminem is on the lookout for Stans, or diehard fans, to appear in a documentary produced by himself and his Shady Films company. The MC shared the news of his search on Twitter X.

Looking for Stans for a documentary produced by Eminem & Shady Films. To share your story, please answer the questions here," Em wrote.

The Detroit rap icon famously coined the term that has become the bane of online music discussion and now, he wants his biggest fans to share their stories. He tweeted out a link to a questionnaire that asks when and how respondents first heard about Eminem, whether they consider themselves Stans or not, whether they collect Eminem merch, write fan fiction about him, or make artwork inspired by him.

The documentary is inspired by Eminem's hit song of the same name released in November 2000. The song tells the story of a delusional Eminem fan who writes several letters obsessing over the rapper and grows upset about never getting a response. Em tries to alleviate the situation by writing back to the fan, who ends up killing himself and his pregnant girlfriend after driving his car off a bridge.

“Stan,” featuring a Dido sample, is on Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP. The word “stan” was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2017 and Merriam-Webster’s dictionary in 2019. It’s in both reference books as both a noun and a verb.


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