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ESPN's Ryan Clark says ‘It’s a problem when J. Cole has a better stat line than Draymond Green’

The Golden State Warriors lost Game 3 of the 2022 NBA Finals, 116-110, on Wednesday night ─ the former NFL veteran and ESPN analyst Ryan Clark is ripping Draymond Green for ‘complete no show’ against Boston.

Former NFL star Ryan Clark & “The Pivot Podcast,” host criticized Draymond Green for his performance in Game 3

Patrick Beverley, Vince Carter and Kendrick Perkins react to Draymond Green played 35 minutes but scored just two points with four rebounds and three assists in a 116-100 loss.

Green also had two turnovers and six fouls as the Celtics eased into a 2-1 series lead.

Ryan Clark had such a take on “Get Up” on Thursday morning when he compared Dreamville rapper J. Cole to Golden State Warriors veteran Draymond Green.

Clark states that Cole recent CEBL stat-line was better than Green's, which is a real issue at this point.

The ESPN host said: "It's a problem, when J. Cole has a better stat line than Draymond Green. I know that Draymond Green affects the game in a way that the stat sheet doesn't say, whether it's boxing out, whether it's energy, whether it's defense."

Ryan Clark continued: "He's the guy that starts the offense and gets them in the right positions. Defensively, he's the guy that brings the physicality. If Draymond Green does not play better, if he doesn't affect the game more than he has so far in this series, the Golden State Warriors cannot win another ring."

The NBA Finals will resume Friday night when the two teams once again take the court in Boston to play Game 4.


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