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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith asked is Kim Kardashian a prostitute & Is Kris Jenner a Pimp, Faces Backlash

Outspoken television personality wants to know if Kim Kardashian is ‘A Prostitute’

Stephen A. Smith responds to Patrick Beverley over Kim Kardashian ‘prostitute’ call-out: ‘Clerical error’

Stephen A. Smith has deleted his Kim Kardashian 'prostitute' tweet after being called out by Patrick Beverley.

ESPN’s Stephen A.Smith is completely unfiltered in his new Stephen A. Smith Show on YouTube but it appears he may have gone “too far or too honest” with some of his topics.

Stephen A. referred to Kim Kardashian as a “prostitute” in a tweet. The ESPN broadcaster also asked if Kardashian's mother, Kris Jenner, was a “pimp.” This did not sit well with Philadelphia 76ers veteran Patrick Beverley who quickly called out his ESPN colleague for the inappropriate tweet.

“Not cool,” wrote Beverley. “She has kids. Should not be the tittle [sic] or topic.”

“Clerical error bro. You are absolutely right. That is being corrected right now as we speak. And for the record, I don’t think of @KimKardashian that way nor would I ever speak of her or any woman that way, which I’ve stated. That’s for checking that issue,” Smith wrote in his tweet.

Stephen A. Smith’s jab is a reference to commentator Candace Owens previously branding Kardashian as a “prostitute” and her mother, Kris Jenner a “pimp.” Stephen A confirmed the allusion in a succeeding tweet.


Watch the latest segment of Stephen A. Smith Show.


On Friday (July 28), Smith talked about the President’s son Hunter Biden, who he declared “was on crack” in a viral rant.


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