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Ex-NBA star Joe Smith reaction to Cam'ron flirting with his wife: “It bothers me a lot”

The Former NBA’s No. 1 draft pick has been giving a tell-all interview to DJ Vlad about the unfolding drama with his wife.

Joe Smith expressed deep distress after discovering a clip of Cam'Ron flirting with his wife Kisha Chavis, and Messages sent to Ex-NBA star.

Joe Smith “Bothered” by Cam’Ron hitting on his wife during “Check Out The Stat” – “It Is What It Is” show.

On Saturday (November 11) Smith seemingly upset when his wife, Kisha Chavis, got propositioned by the rapper and TV host.

Joe Smith has spoken on Cam'Ron hitting on his wife Kisha Chavis, stating that the clip upset him a great deal. "It bothers me a lot. I did not just see that but the messages I got from people who actually went to her OnlyFans page. They sent it on Instagram [and] Facebook, talking about how my wife looks and what kind of pictures my wife got," Smith told DJ Vlad as part of their ongoing interview about the subject. Cam'ron, while interviewing Chavis, had made comments about her cleavage and asked her to give him a massage.

Watch the full interview clip below.


During an episode of Check Out The Stat published last Friday (November 3), the rapper-turned-reporter hosted Kisha Chavis.

Kisaha and Smith recently went viral after a video of them disagreeing over her making an OnlyFans account started making the rounds. Chavis also has several other streams of revenue, among which is a massage service, which particularly grabbed the Dipset MC’s interest.

“If I wanted you to be one of my body-rub babes, like, would you be a body-rub babe for me?” he asked the businesswoman.

After she hesitantly agreed, he added: “I don’t mean to be unprofessional or anything like that, but I can’t stop looking at your cleavage. Yo, your cleavage is poppin,’ baby.”


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