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Ex-NFL Player Channing Crowder wants smoke with Drake after rapper 'Hit on His Wife' Mid-Performance

The former NFL star Channing Crowder reacts to Drake saying his wife is "Fine As Hell."

The Pivot Podcast co-host Channing Crowder has a bone to pick with Drake after he tells his wife that she's: 'Fine as Hell'

Channing Crowder and his wife Aja shared a reel from Drake’s 'Big As the What' concert.

A recent video on Twitter X, is currently going viral. Former Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder, one of the hosts of The Pivot Podcast, recently went to a Drake It's All A Blur – Big As The What? Tour.

Drake noticed Channing's wife, Aja Crowder, and really liked what he saw. "Oh s***. The green right there - she fine as hell," Drizzy called out from the stage. It was quite astounding how he was able to spot Channing's wife from that far away, especially since she was in a suite higher up.

In the clip Crowder saying, "Man hell with him. I ain't worrying about Drake! I'll see Drake in the parking lot." On top of that response, Crowder shared the video on X, with a caption asking Metro Boomin and Future for a favor.


In another clip of Drake catcalling Aja, Crowder’s reaction was also recorded, which shows him looking wide-eyed and surprised. He then says, "Man, hell with him. I ain't worrying about Drake! I'll see Drake in the parking lot."

Crowder doubled down on X, sharing the clip and writing, “Aye Future and Metro! I see why y’all still don’t trust him. This man was shooting at my Baby from the air.” He added, “Let me in the booth!!!”


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