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Video of Ludacris & Tyrese Gibson launching into Space, praised Cardi B ‘acting skills’ in ‘Fast 9’

Tyrese and Ludacris Launching Into Space in New ‘F9’ Trailer.

Ludacris, Tyrese, & Bow Wow Star in ‘F9’ Trailer:

After being delayed several times, the highly-anticipated ninth installment in the Fast Saga is set to arrive in theaters June 25. An action-packed new trailer has been released earlier today (April 14) which features familiar faces from the popular franchise plus some surprise return guests.

F9, is the latest installment of the franchise and the major players of the series are back and taking their talents to new heights. The film is set to open on June 25.

Cardi B's role in 'Fast & Furious 9' hasn't been revealed yet, but Ludacris weighed-in on the Bronx rapper ‘acting skills’ over clubhouse. "Cardi B extremely talented one of those people that doesn't hold her tongue in person and I don't think she holds it in the movie either"

“Cardi B [definitely serves as an asset] to what's going on. I think they're gonna love it just as much as they love her and what she's all about”, Ludacris added.


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