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Fat Joe names DaBaby for the 2021 version of Tupac Shakur, DaBaby himself agrees

Big Tigger returns for one special edition of Rap City 2021.

Fat Joe names his 2021 version of Jay-Z, Lauryn Hill, E-40, 2Pac, MC Hammer including himself in BET's Rap City game.

BET Hip-Hop awards 2021: celebrated rap city’s return that aired last Tuesday, (Oct. 5). The 16th annual celebration of the genre this year, Rap City ’21, hosted by Big Tigger himself, made a return.

The longest-running rap show in history made its return.

During the one-hour segment Big Tigger played a game with Fat Joe and picked which current stars represented vintage rap legends in a special game on Rap City '21─“I want you to name the 2021 version of the artist I give you,” Big Tigger tells Fat Joe.

DaBaby react to Fat Joe on Instagram labeling him the Tupac of this generation. He captioned. “Agreed.📌but they gone salt that down too Crack”

In addition, DaBaby agrees with Fat Joe the Charlotte rapper took to his IG story, He wrote. “This gone make n*ggas slam they iphone on the floor @fatjoe 😂😂😂”

Watch the full 2021 Rap City Sit-down below.


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