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Fat Joe stamps Lil Wayne as the best rapper of All Time: “He's a Beast” in the studio

Fat Joe on Lil Wayne's "recording process" and says he's the best rapper he seen in the studio.

Watch Uninterrupted’s The Shop New Episode 4 (Season 5)

A new episode of LeBron James' HBO show The Shop has arrived.

The episode, which features appearances from LeBron James, Fat Joe, Amy Schumer, and Don Lemon touched on a variety of topics─discussion around public figures using their platform for impact, cultural critics, cancel culture, gun violence, the power of vulnerability, and LeBron sharing his hopes for life after playing in the NBA.

During the segment, Joey Crack was asked to reveal "Best Rapper" he seen in the studio he immediately says. "I don't want anybody to kill me, but the best: Lil Wayne"

The Bronx-bred rap vet explains how quickly Weezy actually gets his verses done and walking into a recording session and witnessing Lil Wayne think of what lyrics to say. "Lil Wayne taught me. So what happens is."

"Lil Wayne took up from where Tupac, where he was putting two albums a year [Prolific] this guy was never in the club," Fat Joe said. "He was the number one artist in the world, he was just in that studio in that Hit Factory, in the studio."

He added. "So I was privy to be in there with Wayne cause I live in Miami... And this guy he would just get a beat, and the guy starts sparring with the speaker, I've never seen no shit like this."

Watch the latest episode of The Shop, here.


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