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Fat Joe trends No. 1 in the country after Jada Pinkett Smith selfie sparks lookalike jokes

The internet mixing up Jada Pinkett Smith's with Fat Joe 'on Ozempic' after her latest 2024 selfie.

Fans compared actress Jada Pinkett Smith to Fat Joe after she posted a new selfie.

Jada Pinkett Smith's mirror selfie photo leads to wild Fat Joe's comparison.

The actress took to Instagram on Tuesday (January 2) to share a mirror selfie of her wearing jean leg warmers, a puffer coat and aviator shades, along with a freshly-shaved head.

In the snap, the “Girls Trip” actress, 52, posed in a deer-print bubble jacket, white pants with jean leg warmers and white New Balance sneakers. “I think jean leg warmers is where it’s at for me in 2024😜,” she captioned the post on Instagram.

However, what came next was a tidal wave of jokes comparing Jada Pinkett to Joey Crack.

Though Pinkett Smith limited the comments on her post, fans took to Twitter X, to discuss her look, sharing how they initially thought she was former Terror Squad rap legend.

“I’ve been scrolling past this whole time thinking Fat Joe had lost more weight 🫣😶”

“I thought Fat Joe was on Ozempic,” added another.

“I was about to say Fat Joe lost hella weight…,” wrote a third person. “She looks like Fat Joe from the multiverse,” said a fourth fan.

Others also claimed she looked like Pitbull and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.


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