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Feds reportedly fine Rick Ross and his family members over multiple Wingstop restaurant violations

(Mississippi) ━ Multiple Wingstop locations run by Rick Ross and his family have been fined by the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division for several violations.

Rick Ross Hit with Over $100k Bill for Multiple Wingstop Violations

Ricky Ross “The BOSS” has been fined by The Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has for several violations at five Wingstop restaurant locations in Mississippi.

On (August. 11), the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (DOLWHD) announced it had several violations collected $114,427 "in back wages, liquidated damages and civil penalties" from five Wingstop locations in the state operated by Boss Wing Enterprises.

Tawanda Roberts, and Mother Tommie Roberts on the Boss Wings Enterprises LLC roster. The Department of Labor fined the franchise company a total of $62,753 in civil penalties and recovered $51,674 in wages owed to 244 workers across the five stores.

According to Mississippi Today, Ross and his family forced their workers to illegally pay for uniforms, safety training, background checks and cash register shortages. The violations include forcing employees to illegally pay for safety training, uniforms, background checks and cash register shortages. In some instances, this caused some employees’ average hourly rates to fall below the $7.25 federal minimum wage.

Wingstop distanced itself from Boss Wings LLC in a statement that read: “The restaurants investigated by the DOL are owned and operated by a franchisee, not Wingstop Restaurants Inc. Our franchise agreement requires all of our franchisees to operate under our operating standards, which requires compliance with all laws and regulations. We were not previously aware of the DOL action against Boss Wings LLC.”

Rick Ross opened his first Wingstop restaurant in Memphis over a decade ago and owns at least 25 of them. Back in 2014, it was reported he raked in an estimated $7 million from his Wingstop investments. Last September, he gifted a Wingstop franchise to his son for his 16th birthday.


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